Agriculture Packaging

These resist sunlight and provide the just blockage from external environment. They are the standing packages perfect for store displays. We can manufacture and design both transparent and printed packaging based on our client’s requirements. Agricultural Packaging is suitable mainly for dry food products, but in some cases, it can be used to package liquids as well.

General Goods Packaging

These provide the perfect isolation to avoid perforation of any kind. These types of packaging are necessary when your product needs to be catered in high strength and demands complete isolation to avoid any sort of perforations and penetrations. Liquids mostly require these type of packaging because they face leakage issue

Instant Packaging

These are the pouches sealed from all 4 edges to provide high barriers. These instant packaging are genuinely used for coffee packs or snack pouches in which seal at every edge is necessary. This packaging makes the portability even easier as it is placed in standing carton box which gives the look of a bill-board

Snack and Candies Packaging

These provide less strength but the accurate volume. They are used when you don’t have to bother about the strength of your package but you worry about the amount of product you can place in them. These packages are far easier to process than any other packaging as well.

Tea, Coffee and Powdered Packaging

They are highly resistant towards heat and provide isolation. These provide the ideal resistance towards the cooking methods as they are used in cooking. They neither dissolve nor provide any penetration but allows the product to be used in cooking practices. We design – both transparent and printed packaging – for this category; moreover, we can even add zipper for you if you need it.

Retort Packaging

They provide a double layer protection; a film and a carton box. These are our most prominent packaging at the moment because of its automaticity. They can be used to transport any type of product, ranging from cooked products to water, as each product needs to be double-protected. The products are protected by film and then a carton box so as to keep them safe from any sort of damage during transportation.


They enforce the perfect isolation from outer world but have less strength. These procure the ideal heat resistance towards the cooking techniques as they are to be utilized as a part of cooking. We outline both – transparent and printed bundling – for this classification. We can even include a zipper for you if your requirements say so.